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Telegram bots allow us to perform all kinds of actions without having to leave this messaging application: search for images, check the weather, create reminders, check the price of an Amazon product, etc.

I have thought about making a series of articles in order to share the ones I like the most as they are a very useful tool for Telegram users. On this first occasion for those who own a Kindle or use the app to read eBooks on smartphones and tablets.

A very easy to use bot

The creator of this bot is Anton Ilzheev, who takes advantage of the 'Send to Kindle' feature’ because we send eBooks to the Kindle using an email address.

Once we have added the bot to Telegram using its name in the search engine @to_kindle_bot, the next step will be to indicate the email you use in the Kindle (Writing “/email in the chat) and don't forget to go to Amazon account settings –> content and devices –> add “” as an approved email account.

Once we've done it, we will simply have to attach an eBook to the bot and it will be responsible for sending it directly to our Kindle account. We must not forget that these are the types of file supported:

Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
Kindle Format (.MOBI, .AZW)

I've always used Calibre to send eBooks to Kindle. But sometimes this method makes life much easier for me. The free version has a limitation of five documents per month. I hope it's for your benefit, I will be sharing more bots and perhaps some interesting Telegram channel now that many colleagues have started to use it.

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  1. Hello to all. I would like to inform you that telegram hay también otro BOT muy useful llamado @ebook_to_kindle_bot that makes basically the mismas work that what you review in the article, but with the great difference that it is completely FREE! ¡Inténtalo para creer!


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