Digital Identity Email Account Settings with Thunderbird

I don't like Outlook webmail at all and it's not very good at managing it, and when you set it up in Thunderbird you can receive mail but not send. I thought this was because this functionality was restricted, but after much search online I found the following solution through DavMail.

DavMail can be downloaded here, version for all operating systems, since it is made with Java. For FreeX 21 I have installed this package .deb

Regarding DavMail settings, nothing special needs to be done, only run the program and its under-right icon will appear with the rest of the system icons.

If they click on their icon we can check the configuration of DavMail, but I'm telling you I didn't touch anything, I left the default settings.

If you want to synchronize your Outlook folders you need to configure the IMAP incoming server with the following settings:

To configure the Thunderbird output server, go to the smtp settings section and configure with the following settings:

On behalf of the server we put localhost, port 1025 and security none… and we already have it, easy 🙂

If you want to configure the calendar and outlook address book in Thunderbird you can also do so.

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