PosteRazor, to convert an image to a poster.

PosteRazor cuts an image in fragments that can be easily printed on any printer that uses DIN-A4 paper and then looks like a poster. The program accepts as input a scanned image or from a digital camera. The resulting poster is saved as a multi-page PDF document. Keep in mind that how … Read more

Sending custom mail to sender groups with Thunderbird.

In the following article we will see how to make a personalized sending to a group of people with the thunderbird mail manager. This option is very useful in a school, since we can create lists of students or mothers/fathers and send personalized emails to different groups (for classrooms, Tutorials, Specialties, Cycles, etc.). INSTALL· LAR THE EXTENSION MAIL … Read more

Outlook Calendar and Address Book with Thunderbird

If you want to have the Outlook calendar and address book in your Thunderbird you can get it with DavMail. The steps to follow are as follows:: Calendar Go to Menu: File => New => Calendar or sign + showing location capture: On the Format network: CalDavLloc: http://localhost:1080/users/ Calendar name: A name UserName: … Read more

“Make an appointment” with PortalEdu forms

Below you will find a copy of a post originally published in https://:// recover in this space in case someone can be useful. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic state of the year 2020 (or for other reasons) many schools may need to summon families in advance to … Read more

Install Google fonts

To install Google sources in our operating system we only have to install the Typecatcher program by running the following command in the terminal: sudo apt-get install typecatcher Once the program is installed we open it, we select the source we want to install and press the button Download typography.

How to remove Firefox title bar

Firefox comes with a system of “decoration on the customer's side” (CSD) undo title bar, but keep window control buttons (minimize, maximize, close). For me it is a very wasted space so we remove it every time I make a new installation. If you want to try just go … Read more